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Joint Promo

Business Marketing & Advertising (Joint Promotions) | Kerja Sama Promosi

Macan Yaohan Supermarket

Macan-Group welcomes all enquiries and suggestions from suppliers, vendors and marketing agencies.

Remember that you dont have to be a product supplier to initiate a joint promotion with and make full use of our traffic in our stores. We have implemented several joint promotions with other industries such as Banking, Electronics, Motor Industry and more where they are able to enjoy the millions traffic with purchasing power and in the mood for purchase in our supermarkets on a daily basis.

We have several marketing medias that may be suitable for you to include in your marketing campaigns. As we know 90% of all purchase decisions are done in-store. Hence it will be wise to consider our medias as part of your marketing campaigns which will serve to improve branding, image, reminders of your products and trigger sales at the point of purchase.

Our marketing medias include:

  1. Billboards at our stores
  2. Neon Box near cashiers
  3. In-store decorations
  4. Signages and Advertising
  5. Membership cards by Card Connection and Macan Rewards
  6. SMS marketing technology by SMS Marketing 3910
  7. and many more – just contact us and share your ideas with us

Other marketing campaigns that can be organized are joint-promotions. We have many successful joint promotions with banking and other industries such as

  • Macan Gift voucher instant redemption at our stores with HSBC & BNI
  • Customer Discounts from Credit Card Companies such as BNI, Mandiri, Niaga etc,
  • Membership and Gifts management with Club Nutricia
  • Lucky Draw Programs sponsorships from BNI, Daihatsu, Suzuki, Bajaj, Fren, Nasha, Samsung etc.
  • Product Suppliers and Vendors have also supported us in many of our special programs such as:
    • Lucky Draw
    • SuperHemat
    • Bulletin
    • Macan Grosir
    • Harga Gila-Gilaan
    • and many more…

We also use the services of Act-Media if you wish to contact them to set up some in-store marketing materials.

If you have products that you feel is suitable to our market, you may contact our Merchandising department.

Please contact the appropriate departments for your enquiry using our contact form.

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